Welcome to tones for your phone! The place where I post each ringotone, instead of the hassle of looking up each ringtone in the blog, you can just search here. It is listed under the title of each song, the artisit, and the date I uploaded the song. Hope you enjoy. Please credit to me if you take it out. The picture above is also mines please do not take out.


At Least I Still Have You – Super Junior M [[030608]]
Don’t U Ever Stop – KAT-TUN [[060108]]
Get Out – Jill Vidal / Wei Si [[060608]]
Mirror – Super Junior [[020808]]
One Love – Eunhyuk + K.R.Y (of Super Junior) [[270508]]
Replay -SHINee [[130608]]
Replay Chorus -SHINee [[310708]]
So Hot – Wonder Girls [[010608]]
So Hot (Yoo Bin’s Rap 1) – Wonder Girls [[090608]]
So Hot (Yoo Bin’s Rap 2) – Wonder Girls [[090608]]
Song For You – SS501[[310508]]
Stay with You – Fahrenheit [[110608]]
Sparkling – BoA [[310708]]
Teukies Birthday Song – Eunhyuk [[310708]]
Teukies Birthday Song (2) – Eunhyuk [[310708]]
Wishing On The Same Star – Amuro Namie [[060608]]

Wondering if my ringtones are good enough for you awesome-ly awesome phone? Well you can now know! With my music playlist! It has all the songs in their original ringtone form for you to listen before you download and say this is not good! XD Just Click Here to listen.


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