Hello and welcome again to A Sweet Obsession. First off I would like to thank you for reading this, which will be about how it became and some information on the items you will see on this blog. Hmmm, to formal for people? Well lets start! EXTRA! I added fanclub colors! :D


Welll it was longggg agoo.. Okay not that long ago, well in my terms a while ago.. I would say begining of 2008.. Around there at least. I would be alll on youtube and squeallling over the hotties of c/j/k/t-pop (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Twianese). Then I started thinking about starting a blog for the heck of it.. But on a completely different approach, it was suppose to be a more personal blog.. But it changed.. A lot. So here we are. :]] At first I was like ehhh, then later I am like okay I should at least TRY! And TA DA!

The Banner: [Red for DBSK]

Currently it says: ‘A Sweet Obsession’ then in smaller font ‘with dbsk’. It is like that because of the image I have chosen. Depending on the banner picture that is up there it will always say ‘A Sweet Obsession’ and ‘with —‘ The — of course will be filled in with the band/singer/actor/group of my choice.

A Sweet Obsession logo: [Sapphire for Super Junior]

It is not exactly copyrighted, but its still my original idea so please do not take it. It says ‘A Sweet  bsession’ but with my little character, which I did NOT design, it becomes ‘A Sweet Obsession’ because he is the fill in for the ‘O’ Just something a little different.

Ollie: [Pink for The Grace]

Who the heck is Ollie? Well its the ‘O’ for obsession for the name of the blog! He has no official color to him yet. But he can change color depending on the layout OR the group/singer on the banner to their official color that their company has given them. He is a shy little thing, yes thing, because no one really knows where he came from… Maybe outer space? Or from someone’s imagination land..

tones.for.your.phones: [Gold for Zhang Li Yin]

Please, PLEASE do not take out without the proper credits! I do spend my own time making them. It is not exactly easy to do so either. And I am sorry if you don’t like them, but you can request some if you like, but I can probably have it within a week if the homework load is light. The image also! I spend a lot of time finding and making the poster/image to look nice for people. Please and Thank You!


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