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I absolutely have no more time. I miss my fandoms… But I do have a future to control and sadly enough my fandoms are not in them although I wish they were… I WILL MISS YOU ALL!

P.S. I’ll probably just do birthdays.. If I remember. Or just have a big one at the end of the month… Whatever works within my free time.


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OMG! THE BEST THING EVER! I won’t go into every second of it because I’m not even suppose to be on right now.. So lets run through it. They get kidnapped and trapped within somewhere.
Jaejoong: tied up to a wall.
Yunho: trapped with black cloth
Junsu: is in a place with green lasers(?)
Yoochun: in a clear box
Changmin: in water
Their dance is soooo mesmerizing. Their singing is wonderful also! I want to know something.. The girl who captured them, did they hide her face because she is going to debut? Orrrr to keep her safe from the Cassiopeians who would most likely say stuff? I love her dress though! It was soo pretty! One thing I went ASDGJASDGNASGK over.. JAEJOONG’s MUSCLES! OMG, THEY ARE HUGEEEEE~ XD


Although I am sad that everyone expect Junsu had an awesome scene. I mean laser thingys? Couldn’t think of anything better?! Changmin looked better than awesome in the water! OMG, it was hottt.. But there wasn’t that many scenes of him and the ones they had were short, in my opinion anyways. Why are you still reading? GO WATCH!

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This will totally make my week! :DDDDDD NOTHING BETTER THAN THIS! Nothing else to say but OMG! IT WAS AWESOME! I LOVE DONG BANG SHIN KI!!!


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Its been forever.. Okay not really. But school is here… been here for a while now too.. Anyways I will be busier than ever this year seeing how it is my SENIOR YEAR! WOOT! CLASS OF ’09~ Sorry. Anyways less post of everything! I will post up youtube links but I don’t think I will be able to write about them, so yess. As will most news post, so I will be posting short things like these…

WANG LEE HOM! Anyways he was putting out a new album, I do believe that I wrote about it a while ago… Hope you can find it because I don’t think I want too.. Hehe. Anyways, ta da! His new MV, Whats wrong with me? Theres nothing wrong with him! Heheh, hes perfect. Almost. Like everyone else in the music industry. I really like how he pipa in the song. If you don’t know what a pipa is, wiki it! He had his concerts today and yesterday but thats in America dates, if you want to get techinal it was yesterday and the day before. LOL. Septemeber 19 and 20. In Taipei! So jealous!
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We Got Married! IS OFF LICENSED! ON CRUNCHYROLL! :[[[[ SO MUCH BAD NEWS ABOUT THIS SHOW TOO! Totally sad. I loved it! But they said Anbi couple was leaving!!! THEY WERE MY FAVORITE! For those who don’t know the lovable Anbi couple its Andy of Shinhwa and Solbi of Typhoon (or if you don’t know Typhoon, she was the girl that acted with Team Prince on the Idol show with Super Junior.. hehehe). But then everyone might not be leaving but its their choice.. Then they have picture of what their ‘childern‘ would look like because some couples had to babysit them I guess. But HOW CUTE! But for some reason Solbi’s look scary.. like a Cabbage Patch Kid… Crown J’s was like :OOOOO.. Shinae’s look soooo much like her! And I am confused on Hyun Joong’s.. Is his a girl or a boy? I’m going with girl because a pink shirt… But then again you never know.. and Hwang Bo! OMG!! A little to east?
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Source(s): asianfanatics

SHINDONG! WHERE DID YOU CHUBBY CHEECKS GO?! No where.. Lol. Apparently he posted pictures of himself looking skinner and healthier.. But recently there were pictures of him while performing with Super Junior Happy, still looking the same as he was before or just a little bit different. But of course its called myspace angles orrrr photoshop. Which ever looks best. But I like him chubby! It was what made him HIM! So I’m happy that be looks the same and he shouldn’t change because everyone else was like that. But he shouldn’t feel the need to lose it.
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EDIT: WordPress is gay or something. It doesn’t want me to have an excerpt or something! SO MEAN!  -sigh-

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A ‘Crystal’


Other than this image being out and the fact that only two members are annoced and a spectulation on another member there isn’t really much information. All we can do is wait and see what is coming to the K-pop world with all these new girls coming for those guys. A rumor that Park Sun Young also being in Crystal, from Media. WOW! I did not know that was like that. I always thought it was a TV station or something.. Hehehe. XDD
Min Ji Hye (20)
Jung Yoon Hye (19)

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Its a ‘Rainbow’

Another girl band! Woo, this summer was boy bands now its girl season! XDDD Rainbow! Is going to have 7 Members. Or so DSP Entertaiment says, which is SS501’s company. Hmmm, for me when I think Rainbow it suppose to have 5 colors right? Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple or Voilet. Okay,.. six colors. Sorry. Unless I have the worng colors? Psh whatever about the rainbow. Anyways the ‘memebers’ are:
Kim Je Kyung (21)
Jang Ji Soo (18)
No Eul (20)
Semi (21)
Kim Joo Bin (20)

I am sorry but what kind of name is Semi? Is she semi something? Sorry. I won’t anything else about it… But here are some pictures.

nullThe “Leader” of the group is the one on the left and her name is Kim Je Kyun. The one on the right is Jang Ji So. If your a hardcore SS501 fan then you can tell that the ‘leader’ looked like she was in their MV, A Song Calling For You. And she WAS! Along with Kim Joo Bin. Je Kyun was probably the girl in bar with Hyun Joong, I don’t remember exactly which one. But Joo Bin was in the library with Young Saeng, as you can tell from the picture below. But most of the girls made cameos in the MV, so look for them? With only knowing so much about them.. Geeze. Lol. I will search too! But lets see if there are 7 girls? Wooo.
Top left: No Eul | Top Right: Semi. If I am correct then the one with the BIG pretty eyes is Semi… I didn’t notice the name on the pictures until later.. XDDD SO lame. But Joo Bin is the one on the bottom if you haven’t figured it out yet… >.< Good Luck to them!

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And the songs are!

동방신기 4집 – Mirotic (CD+60P 화보집 Version-A)
01 주문(MIROTIC)
02 Wrong Number
03 노을..바라보다
05 HEY! (Don’t Bring Me Down)
06 넌 나의 노래
07 무지개
08 낙원
09 악녀 (Are You A Good Girl?)
10 Flower Lady
11 잊혀진계절
12 Love In The Ice

동방신기 (東方神起) 4집 – Mirotic (CD+DVD Version – B )
01 주문 (MIROTIC)
02 Wrong Number
03 노을..바라보다
05 HEY! (Don’t Bring Me Down)
06 넌 나의 노래
07 무지개
08 낙원
09 악녀 (Are You A Good Girl?)
10 Flower Lady

(DVD-1/20080830-20080831 a-nation ’08 Tokyo Story)
01 Directed by HERO (Interviewee : U-Know)
02 Directed by U-Know (Interviewee : MAX) ’
03 Directed by MAX (Interviewee : Xiah) ’
04 Directed by Xiah (Interviewee : Micky)
05 Directed by Micky (Interviewee : HERO)
06 Directed by TVXQ! – Talk about ‘MIROTIC’
07 Directed by TVXQ! – Surprise Project

I am sorry if they don’t show up! It just how my computer is and it is what I see. Heheh. BUT OMG! TWO CD’s?!? Well one is a DVD verison, so I don’t blame them? Not really. LOL! THIS IS WHAT I AM REALLY GOING TO BUY! I WILL BUY THIS ALBUM OF THEIRS! IF there is any left… XDDD Well CANT WAIT! FOUR MORE DAYS! Well more like three for the other side of the world. But I LOLOLOL at the song title ‘Are You A Good Girl?’… Its like if you want me to be, then I am? ;]] I JUST CANT WAIT! XDDD Lol, but there is already a leak of the song ‘HEY! (Don’t Bring Me Down) WHICH SOUNDS AWESOME!

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