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Although it was just last night or yesterday or whatever I haven’t been unlazy enough to look for stuff. But am seeing some random things pop up. Like this picture! Everyone looks okay! NOT! YOOCHUN! WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU?! BOWL CUTS WILL NOT AND NEVER COME INTO FASHION! NO MATTER WHAT! Yunho’s hair cut reminds of Junsu when he had a similar cut back in the days… Which means I have no idea nor do not remember exactly when. Hehehe, Jaejoong’s darker hair colors makes me :DDDDDDD and Changmin with a lighter hair color isn’t all bad. Anyways I heard that SHINee performed one of their songs off their album “You’re like Oxygen”. And BoA came back! And of course looking so pretty as always. Super Junior was there of course.. yes I do believe it was with ALL 13 of them. Super Junior Happy also performed. SNSD performed without any problems like the last show they had..  Will continue to post more about this later.

Source(s): allkpop

If you read the excerpt then you know about them performing in Beijing… I wonder if they are going to perform after the Olympics are over? Then maybe they perform at the Bird’s Nest? LOL! Wouldn’t that be awesome! I see it as impossible though, but its a good idea no? And when they perform in China will they let Super Junior M also? Since it is a part of SM Entertainment…

Thank you the people who uploaded the videos!!!

Just for One Day – The Grace and Kyuhyun
It is not the best audio nor video but at least you know really hear the girls scream like OMG! Lol, I think it sounds really good even though I can’t really hear it well. And as for the looks, you can only see from the big screen, and at first I thought Kyuhyun was someone else because his hair was pulled back and it was pretty long.

One Love – Eunhyuk and Junsu
This was love. It really was! The quality of the video is of course better than the first one butttt the video is kinda, sorta really is shaky. OMG! The girls went crazy when they saw Hyukjae! He wasn’t on stage but walking around it was like :O! And I am sorry but LOL at the girl in the video who is either holding the camera or next to it because she screams out ONE LOVE! And it makes me lol, because its kinda out of tune with the song. Around 1:50 I can really hear Junsu’s voice, I don’t know if he just came out there or not, but its really nice. :D

Heechul, Siwon, and Sungmin Band
IT SOUNDS SO FAMILIAR! I KNOW IT BUT AT THE SAME TIME I DON’T!!!! ITS NOT FAIR! AWWWW! HEECHUL! YOUR ROCKING THE MUSHROOM HEAD!BECAUSE YOU HAVE A PRETTY FACE IT WORKS! Unlike someone… Hehe, anyways. Heechul sings while Siwon and Sungmin rock the drums and gutiar respectively. OMG! Heechul looks like someone from a video game.. King of Fighters I think? Hahah, with the outfit and Hair it just works for him! And the song can barely but you can still, and its LOVEEEEE! OMG! If I remember correctly he has the Chinese character on the back for Heemin? I remember him talking about that somewhere… Aish, o well. BUT OMG! FAN SERVICE ANYONE?! IT BURNED MY EYES! IN A GOOD WAY! Freggin Heechul goes up to Sungmin and its EXPLODES! OMG! Around 2:35 HEEMIN WAS TOO WAY TO GIRLISH! IM SORRY! His lips were so RED! I don’t can’t really tell the song!
EDIT: I think I got it.. It kinda sounds like “No One Likes Me” Super Junior T in the end only though.. IM NOT SURE! Also on the outfit, look familiar anyone? :]]

You’re Like Oxygen – SHINee
I LOVE IT! THE SONG IS ALREADY AWESOME! AND HOLY DANG THEY LOOK GOOD! REALLY GOOD! It looks like Jonghyun in the vest, but I am not sure, and he LOOKS MIGHTY FINEEE THERE! Is that Taemin in the hat?! I CAN’T TELL!

Jaejoong and Lina Duet
WOW! This is really good video shot of him! But very little of of Lina, only her backside when Jaejoong hugged her.. And of course they sing wonderfully! Its not the whole song, but at least is part of it!

Jonghyun & Taemin Moment
Because I am bias towards Jonghyun and Taemin at the same time. Hehehe, so cute! Taemin just jumps onto Jonghyun and they walks together towards the sunset stage singing. LOL!

Sungmin Fancam

Yunho Dance Battle
IS HE TRYING TO KILL HIS FANS?! I mean look at him!! :]] I’m not complaining though… I don’t think anyone is. But he is tooo skinny! EAT BOY! Is that Hyoyeon of SNSD he trades places after? Its kinda hard to see because her face gets glared out.

Junsu Dance Battle
Must he tease me! Hes dancing with another girl!I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS SPECIAL! LOL! I WISH! Anyways its OMG! HE DANCES WAYYYY TO SEXILY! XXDDDD I would of probably gotten a heart attack or something if I saw him in real life doing this.

So far that is all the fancams I could find.. I don’t think I should post all the famcams I find.. Heheh, maybe.. XD Anyways enjoy what is up!

EDIT 2: Others…

LOL! THIS IS GREAT! Even though its a little bit weird.. Okay not that little but a lot of weird-ness, its great. Shindong sexy no? BUT OMG! LOOK AT HIS LEGS! THEY ARE SO HAIRLESS! Heheh, hes so awesome! He is performing Lee Hyori’s ‘U Go Girl’ Heheh, I want to see a fancam of this!
Source(s): popseoul

BoA! She was always pretty and that voice of hers is wonderful! Sher peformed her past hit songs such as “Moto,” “My name,” “Girls on top” and “Rock with you”. My favorite out of those is “Girls on top”, only because sometimes I remember Heechul on Golden Fishery with Eunhyuk and Shindong.. LOL. Anyways back on topic, hoping that she puts out a new korean singel soon! She looks wayy older too, acutally she looks older than her real age, which is 21.. She looks almost 25 ish. Heheh.
Source(s): popseoul

Ending in Seoul
I put Seoul because they are going to perform in other cities and I might probably most likely post about them also. Just in case you know. :D Anyways… LETTEUK! YOUR ALL WET! :DDDDDDD To his right is Kangin and his left Kibum! WHO I MISSED SO MUCH!!! HES BEEN M.I.A!!! OMG! THEY ARE SO EVIL! They tell Yoochun to do the same thing that Shindong did which was slide on the stage, and HE GOT HURT! NOT COOL! EVEN THOUGH I LOVE THEM ALL! But Junsu came out a little and Yoosu moment! :]] Then after is Sunny! She looked so shy and didn’t do it… Then someone from SHINee slide and tumbled and stuff, and it looked like Jonghyun came with someone to help him. I can’t really see them so sorry. Then they show BoA? I think its her, and she totally kicks Kangin! Awesome stuff! Heheh, only because I kick people when I get mad or something too. XDDDD Then Heechul yelling at Kangin! Ahhh, so good to see that again.. Then they show The Grace? I’m sorry I don’t know them that well so sorry. Then SNSD! I think Sunny was talking first and she looked pretty and Taeyeon, she is trying to hard to look so young.. The pigtails.. Then Zhang Li Yin was all shy when talking to the crowd and stufff. Then SHINee introduced themselves and they looked soo good! Heheh.

The Grace – Dancer in the Rain
I really like their songs, and this one is no different. Although it is hard to hear it still sounds really great! It is a Lina fan cam, but you see who I think is Stephanie dancing with some guy and its like woahhhh. Maybe because I am not use to those kind of sexy dances, I tend to stray away from those.. But I love Lin’s outfit. Its so pretty! Normally I wouldn’t think so but she pulls it off very well.

Changmin, Siwon and Sungmin Band
It is like the Heechul band! But its with Changmin and his awesomely awesome vocals! And the quality is really good! SO IT ROCKS! Changmin really been getting better at his vocals, he sounds wonderful here! Although I wish for him to wear and awesome outfit while singing, but its okay. It is still good! GOSH! I hate it when I know the song, but I don’t know it at the same time! GET IT?! YES?! NO?! Lol.

DBSK – Rising Sun
Nosebleeds anyone? That is all I have to say. Nosebleedss. LOL. They are practically wearing nothing under their shirts. Okay, understatement.. They aren’t wearing anything under their jackets. USE HIGH QUAILTY! ITS WORTH IT!


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  • 1. Tephi  |  27 August 2008 at 6:22 pm

    Hee chul cute he like tae min ,mushroom hair .i’m really like dance perfomance shinee so cool


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