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Find… SS501 MV

Thank you CJWEntertainment for the subs.

We’ll I haven’t heard any of their new songs off their album yet.. I think? Anyways I must say that I really like the begining with the violin, only because I have a BIG thing for piano’s, violins, and guitars. Sucker for things classical. The song itself is very beautiful, I love it. And they lyrics are… uhm I can’t really think of the word for it. It’s just so.. yeah. It’s good. Sounds like something for a drama, just when the girl leaves the boy heart broken for one reason or another. I don’t have much to say on the MV itself other than I like how it shows the boys in black and white and in suitsss. :]] And the fact that aat 2:09 Jungmin runis the moment to touch, what looks like to be Kyujong’s butt!! Its great though, only something that he would do.. I want to watch the making of this MV!


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Hangeul Island 1

Part 2
Thank you jinnienomuyeppo for the subs.

YET AGAIN! I have not been on my F.T Island boat.. Because they were in Japan.. But that still isn’t an excuse.. Almost everyone is heading towards there… Anyways. LOLOLOL, there is so much crack, for this group! They are totally on crack themselves, no one sane does that.. I swear. When they are outside the airport they keep doing that strange girly dance.. Everyone expect Wonbin who wants to keep his manly man image. And randomly they say look at the airplanes and duck down to hide from the camera that is in front of them, but on the side camera you still see them and its so cute! Then they talk about where they want to go, and everyone says some place and or some where, buttttt Hongki is like ‘To Jaejin’s heart.‘ LOL! I LOVE THEM!! Then they talk about 4 word idioms, because through his show you will learn Korean. Heheh, its so funny! Hongki is like I keep a lion. OMG, I WAS WAHHHHH? OMG! Minhwan’s voice is kinda manly but after they praise him and everything he shouts out “MINHWANNIE!” and its the cutest voice EVERRRRRR!  You should just watch, I will just post up some parts that I totally love. The second part, they have to get to Shibuya on their own. They get a letter but because they thought they were done filming and someone brought up a letter to Jonghun he jumps back like 5 feet because he didn’t know s/he was there! LOL. So cute! And their cute little minds think its a loveee letter FROM ME ! OMG! MINHWAN I LOVE HIM EVEN MORE NOW! He shouts in his cute voice “Love Lettter!” in Englishhh~ And they get all excited.. only to say that they can’t read the Japanese.. XDDDD OH those boys, and while Wonbin is all calling the PD you see Hongki on the bench doing something.. and Jaejin comes to him and copies but on the ground! While running towards the car that drive off, WONBIN GETS HURT! HE FALLS AND :O But its nothing serious so its okay no one will get hurt… XDDDD So they split up into two groups because it cost 3,000 yen, which is about 30 dollars U.S, per each person. LOL! You should hear them talk to the lady about the tickets, they are all talking at once I’m surprised she isn’t scared or something.. But then again they are realllyy good looking.

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Try and Smile..

Thank you TheAsianMission for the subs.

:O ITS LIKE WHY HAVEN’T I SEEN THIS BEFORE?! Maybe I was too caught up in Super Junior that I almost ignored Big Bang! I DIDN’T KNOW THAT SEUNGRI COULD PLAY PIANO! I loveeeeeeee him even more so now. And Daesung vocals are really beautiful here. OMO! At 1:59. at the bottom left corner of the screen you see a TV with lyrics? Is that how they never forget their lyrics? LOL! JK, I’m not sure since it is kinda blury. But really in the beinging did you see Seungri? He was like oh, what is this? And TA DA! An awesome piano! It was soo pretty! I wish I can play.. It was from their Great Concert… I think it was in Japan? I am not sure, but they, the fans, are saying saranghae yo. So I am guessing it is in Korea? I am so behind on this fandom.. Gotta catch up!

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