2008 MTV Asia Awards in Maylasia

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Before I start on anything I would like to say one thing about the picture… OMG PLEASE TELL ME THAT ISN’T HEECHUL STANDING BETWEEN RYEOWOOK AND KYUHYUN! AND IS THAT DONHAE BETWEEN RUNHYK AND YEHSUNG?! Heechul needs a better hair stylist and Donghae is starting to look like Yunho a little bit with that Hair.. He needs to cut it as does Heechul or atleast make it look better. This picture also threw me off on who is was.. I swear for a second it was Minwoo of Shinhwa… it was proabbaly because of the hat, glasses and the style of the clothes.. or something because I was like WTH? for a moment. These boys.. anyways I love the quote on Heechul’s shirt and if I remember correctly it is also the same quote that G-Dragon has now as a tattoo on his arm? Or something similar right? I wanna steal Sungmin’s headphones… I love those kinds headphones and he is just so good looking there! Gosh, these guys are too good looking for their own good! And they are really aware of the camera because they look so good!!!  >.>
Anyways I originally posted this post not to be talking about the pictures rather about their interview they had. So here it is:

How does it feel like to be a nominee at the 2008 MTV Asia Awards?
Leeteuk: I’d like to thank everyone for inviting us to the MTV Asia Awards. As a representative of the Favourite Korean Artist Award, we will give our best performance tomorrow night.

You just had a concert in Thailand last month, how do you feel about it?
Leeteuk: We would like to thank our fans for showing up at the concert and for their love and support.

When you were singing (at the concert), why were some of you crying?

Leeteuk: Even though they didn’t know the language, all the fans sang along to the words – they knew the lyrics. We were touched.

I hear that not all 13 members will be here for tomorrow’s show. Who isn’t here and why?
Leeteuk: Kangin and Shindong are not here now, but they are on the way; Hankyung is participating in the Beijing Olympics ceremony so he can’t make it and Kibum is shooting a drama series in Korea.

Is Super Junior returning to Malaysia for the Super Show concert?

Leeteuk: We will definitely be stopping by Malaysia for this tour and we would like to thank you for welcoming us each time. We would definitely come.

All of you are so well-dressed today, how did you think up of the look?
Leeteuk: Our stylist picked out our clothes today.

What is the strangest Korean dish that you would recommend a courageous person to try?
Eunhyuk: There are a lot of Korean food such as kimchi and bulgogi but we would recommend Samgyeopsal, a pork belly soup dish which we highly recommend. When you come to Korea, just go: “삼겹살 주세요”. (samgyeopsal juseyo = samgyeopsal please).

Last time you came to Malaysia for a photoshoot and as a guest artiste for DBSK. Do you remember any Malay words that you have learned?
(Randomly from the boys) Terima kasih…Apa khabar? (Thank you and How are you? respectively).

As a successful Korean band, did you have to sacrifice a lot to get to where you are today?

Leeteuk: First of all, we have to give up having a girlfriend. By giving up having a girlfriend, we now have so many “girlfriends” all across Asia (steps up and points to all the ladies in the room, and laughs).

Will you make another music video in Malaysia again?
Leeteuk: We shot an MV in Kuala Lumpur and it turned out to be the best video we’ve ever shot. If we ever get a chance, we would come back to shoot another MV.

Hehe, most of the questions were answer by the all-and-mightly-leader. So Hangeng is going to be running soon! I can’t wait to see that! When I was in China I kept watching the Olypmic stuff hoping to see him, but I didn’t. But I did learn that they run about 5 feet before passing it on to another torch runner… About 5 seconds of fame with the torch.. For Kangin and Shindong I think they are hosting their radio show? Not sure, just taking a guess. Kibum of course is filming.. Whcih I am sad because it would better for him to be there. I love the fact that Leeteuk totally ignore the question about how they looked by saying that their stylist picked it out. But its okay, I loveeeee men in suits, ever since I went Japan that is..  But that is a whole another story. Dancing Out was one of their best video ever shot? Really now? I thought Don’t Don was better.. but then again that is just my judgement. And Teukie.. really now. Girlfriends? Are you sure about that? Giving them up.. I don’t think so. Hehehe, but not all across Asia Teukie! ALL ACROSS THE WORLD.. tonight.. XDDD I couldn’t help it.. I love that song..

Source(s): asianfanatics
Pictures: SJ Market

EDIT (020808):

Just another interview that I found. Should share with everyone yes?

Welcome to the MAAs as first time nominees of Favorite Artist of Korea! The theme surrounding this year’s MAAs revolves around the letter ‘M.’ What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the letter ‘M?’
Siwon: Super Junior – M!
Leeteuk: Music! MTV! Man!

You’ve always had radical hairstyles and outfits. With the constant changing of image, what is the real Super Junior like?
Eunhyuk: The hairstyles and outfits have ranged from cute to wild. But we’re more colorful and are much more multi-faceted in personality and character than that.

Having said that, your new album is a remarkable departure from the bubbly image of your first. What are some of your thoughts on this change?
Leeteuk: The first album portrayed us as more boyish and adorable. As for the second album, we have grown up a little more, and so this is us in a more manly sight.

Right now there seems to be quite a large number of Korean boy bands coming, and they’re mostly all going down the K-pop and ballad route. So how do you distinguish yourselves from them musically?
Leeteuk: Well first and foremost, we have 13 members. So that’s already a huge difference, and a memorable one to boot. And each and every one of our members has a different and unique voice. Aside from that, we also do other stuff like acting and DJing. So we have a more well-rounded portfolio.

Speaking of which, I think one of your most memorable shows has got to be Full House, the home-stay chronicle with Anya and Eva. I’m sure a lot of us are curious to know how that came about, and whether Super Junior is planning to open their home in future again.

Leeteuk: The Full House experience was a very moving and rewarding one. We learned a lot from it, and we’re also really glad that we’ve been able to share a bit of the Korean culture with our foreign friends. If there’s ever the opportunity, we’ld definitely like to be doing this again.

Erm..Well actually I didn’t think of that but now…Let’s just move on, eh? With 13 people in a band, the leader (Leeteuk) is usually the one who’s the main spokesperson. And some of the members are also more outspoken than others. So in that case, how do all the members get equal representation in the band?

Eunhyuk: Well, each of us have our own talent and contribution to the band. Kyuhyun is vocally powerful, Sungmin is our poster boy of cuteness, Donghae is a good dancer.
Donghae: Shiwon has the global face, and Euhyuk is known for his rapping. So in a way, we all get a fair share of showing what we’re good at.

What about the younger ones then? Donghae, Sungmin and Kyuhyun. Do they get bullied all the time?
Leeteuk: Yes. It’s mostly what they’re there for! [Laughs]

Living and touring together all the time, what are some of the weirdest habits of some of the members?
Siwon: Every time I go on a holiday, I always carry the most bags.
Sungmin: He brings almost everything possible, and he organizes them neatly.
Leeteuk: So if we need exercise equipment, or even some kind of medicine, we’ll just go to him. He’s the best possible roommate to have.
Siwon: We always have some kind of a bet to see which roommate we’ll get.

You’ve been on the tour the past couple of months for the Super Show. Why isn’t Singapore one of your stops?

Leeteuk: Well yeah, we’ve actually been going to a lot of other places in Asia. We did the first show in Thailand, and we’re planning nine more stops. We’d actually have loved to make a stop at Singapore. Why haven’t you called us?!

Ahhh I see. Our bad. Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to speak to my boss about it.
Super Junior: YEAH!!!

A lot of your songs talk about love. What exactly does it mean to you, anyway?
Kyuhyun: Love is sweet.
Sungmin: I haven’t really known what love is all about actually.
Aww so soon
Leeteuk: Love is being lovesick.
Oh dear. Why so negative?
Leeteuk: I haven’t had very good experiences with it. [Laughs]
Oops okay I’m sorry!
Donghae: Love is romantic.
Siwon: Love is patient.

Finally, tell us a little-known fact about Super Junior.
Eunhyuk: Well, in all our reality TV shows we are usually very honest about ourselves, and so our fans know most everything about us.
Leeteuk: Even to the point of knowing about Eunhyuk’s smelly feet. [Laughs]
Eunhyuk: No! No!

Alright, I believe you, I do! Thanks, boys, for talking to me. Good luck! And bye!

* The bold texts are from the interviewer

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Some parts of the interview was so cute! Especailly the begining, where they talk about ‘M’ for the MTV Asia Awards in Malaysia. I love how Siwon was soooo promoting SJM! YAY! And the talk about change, I love how Leeteuk was saying something about a more manly sight!!! Lol, I found that amusing for some parts… coughheechulcough.. JKJKJK. DONT KILL ME! I love him being like that though. THEY SHOULD TOTALLY OPEN THEIR HOUSE AGAIN! TWO YEARS AT LEAST! WAIT FOR ME! I’M ALMOST IN COLLEGE! Hehehe, I want to learn another language, so why not Korean? But I should really learn my Mandarin… And then Eunhyuk! You adoreble boy you saying that Sungmin = poster boy of cutesness! Then Donghae saying that Siwon has the global face… which I am finding out is true. I should do a small test, to see if people who never saw him or know him would think.. So far I got good results.. for two people.. XDDDD Anyways LOLOLOL! at the betting of roommates! I wonder how they do that? Pull names out of a hat? XDDD Maybee.. Super awwwwww on the love thing! Leeteuk I promise to make a good experience! >.< But then it would be illegal.. Darn.. Heheh, I would say to Eunhyuk at least its nothing about his pr0n.  Heheh, such cuties. Alsoo….


Yes, that color is really sapphire blue! I googled it. :]]  They worked so hard and it paid off, plus the ELF vs. VIP vs. Wonderfuls vs. Soshified. Unclear on the Wonder Girls and SNSD fan base is really called, but trying to remember and thats all I could draw up from my memory. Of course the ELFS won, why? They have stock shares in SM… If that doesn’t really prove anything then what will really? LOL.


And the winners are :

Favourite Artist China: Li Yu Chun
Favourite Artist Philippines: Chicosci
Favourite Artist Hong Kong: Leo Ku
Favourite Artist Singapore: Stefanie Sun Yan Zi
Favourite Artist Indonesia: Yovie&Nuno
Favouriet Artist Taiwan: Alan Luo Zhi Xiang
Favourite Artist Korea: Super Junior
Favourite Artist Thailand: TOR Saksit
Favourite Artist Malaysia: Nicholas Teo

YAY!!! SHOW WON!!! I’m happy! Well Alan Luo Zhi Xiang is Show, at least that what I know to be known as. He is sooo good looking as well as musically is somewhat not that bad.. LOL, of course not he won favorite Taiwanese Artist. BUT AWWWWWWW I was hoping that JJ Lin was to win favorite Singapore-ian(?) Artists, but its okay I guess. Can’t have everyone I want to win.. But I totally forgot that Nicholas Teo was Malaysian. I guess its just the fact that most of his songs that I have are in Mandarin so I thought he was from China. Or something like that.. I don’t really do research much… As for everyone else, I dont know.. I might know, but I am totally not super duper sure on it, so on the safe side I will not write anymore. But YAY! LOL! I have to share this, if you look on the allkpop link you will see a picture on the top of Super Junior, and I LOVEEEEEE the way Leeteuk looks disfigured or what not, because he still looks hot no matter what. ;]

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Lazy… It’s a ‘Pajama Party’

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  • 1. mobilezdi  |  5 August 2008 at 6:15 pm

    yeay!!! thanks for sharing the interview…
    they are so funny and sweet.. ~~love~~
    yay!! i did watched the perf. HOT HOT>
    yesung getting more skinner and xtremely HOT..

  • 2. yourtenshi  |  6 August 2008 at 4:43 pm

    tooo: mobilezdi
    your welcome! i havent seen their performance yet! i been kinda lazy to do it! >.<


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