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BoA! YAY! Well this isn’t her newest single.. It was a while ago and I made this a while ago.. But forgot that I had it. I am thinking that I made it before I left for Japan. But anyways I fell in love with this song! I love the catchy-ness to it! Its like wheeee~ I’m glad after how many years she finally put out a single. But its her Japanese single, not Korean for people who might be confused.  I used the chorus for this ringtone because it is my favorite part. Hehehe. There is suppose to be more than one but I don’t remember which part I wanted to use for it apprently. Lol. Anyways its about 31 seconds long and I hope you enjoy it. Click Here for download.


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Ringtone….Teukie’s Birthday Song


I know I know. Why this song? I don’t know, but I really loved the girls voice who is singing. If you haven’t heard the full song then you are missing out.. Which I don’t think anybody really missed it, right? Anyways I made two versions, second one is the first chorus and the first one is the same but its the rest of it because Eunhyuk says Everlasting Friends, and in the beginning of the song Super Junior, so I wanted that to be in the ringtone. Check out the video here because he is crying! Leeteuk ILY when you cry! Becasuse it always for real, nothing fake about you. Anyways here is the first part and the second part. The first part is 57 seconds long and the second one is 37 seconds long. Yeah I messed up the parts so the first one is the longer one while the second is the shorter. Heheh, forgive my mistake.

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Just a little bit…


I’m sorry I haven’t really posted up anything interesting.. It just that I have been a little depressed lately… So when I can get over this I will try to post lots of things for the people who are nice and read this or what not. But I will probably post little things for you people who do come and watch my blog. Like ringtones? That would probably help my rise my sprits up just a little bit though. Kyuhyun is trying to look gangsteraaa, and he is pulling it off nicely. Henry just knows he an “O.G”, Siwon is scared of something? Ryeowook is just being cute as always, Hangeng is just sitting there, while Donghae is just clueless? And I am just totally guessing that Zhoumi was the one who took the picture.. Just a total guess. :]

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Lee Minwoo! One sixth of Shinhwa!

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Thank you fampar for the video

OHH MAAA GOSSHHH! I have so many other things to do, but his one.. it just had to come.. As everyone knows Super Junior M celebrated their 100 days on 080706. So Kyuhyun is shaking his sexy hips then Zhoumi goes to the left of him and stands there. Then Kyuhyun blows a kiss~ and Kyuhyun catches it and kisses it and blows one back!!!!! AHHH!! Then I think it Siwon at the end cut off being all OMG! XDDDDD I’m sorry if I mixed them up. Haven’t been on the famdom since forever.. three weeks! :O So yeah…

Everything is moving really slowly now.. since youtube is being mean and deleteing all the subbers for k-pop fandom.. its killing me slowly.. -tears- Thank you for everyone who subbed things for the people who couldn’t understand Korean.. I hope youtube stops being dumb and let them on again..

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Where’s Waldo?

Part 2

Thanks to muishie for the subs.

Haha, not really. Its just Heechul! With his red and white striped shirt and his hat. Ahhh really. I love how he looks here.So the question is how did the guy react after the girl told him that she was pregnant. They asked 50 married couples that it happened too. Heechul says that it would make him full of love for the girl. LOL, which everyone thinks that wouldn’t really happen. I kinda thought so also. Then he says if he is to nervous then everyone will think its true.. LOLOLOL. Only the people who are super obsessed with his pretty face would probably will. But I don’t think I would.. Just because I can’t really see it happening right now because it seems like he is at the height of his career. OMG THE LOLOL. Then Heechul and Shin Dong Yup, one of my favorite MC’s, play it out! And no its not Heechul who is the girl.. its Shin Dong Yup. It looks so awkwardddddd! Maybe because we are so used to see Heechul play the girl or something. First time around its an NG.. which is funny because its something so simple! LOL. The second time Heechul just stares at him.. XDDD Oh Chulieeee. But he says he would probably make a joke out of it like “Oh really? But I’m not pregrant” OMG. I wonder how the girl would react! Its funny but sad at the same time! Chuulie thinks he would proabably just make a joke out of it if it was toooo really happen. Then SDY is like “Heechul would joke and say ‘Congratulations~ Who is the father?'” Which is also an OMG! Because if think about the other side wouldn’t you be like WTH? that he said that to you just because your a couple for however long and you totally love each other and stuff? Or is it because I’m a girl? Then they do it again and ROFL! SDY turns red while acting the part. XDDDDDDDD Then I think he burps? XDDDD LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. This is great beyond anything, Crack! Then he starts acting with Shoo, who I think and probably 90% sure on that she was an S.E.S member, and hes the “bad” Oppa. Diagoule below: XD

Heechul: So,  What’re you gonna do?
Noh Sayeon:Ar eyou planning to marry my son? No way!

OH LOLOL. Noh Sayeon was acting as the Evil Mother in Law, Heechul the Bad Boyfriend and Shoo was the Pregnant Girlfriend.. LOL. But WOW! Shoo started to cry! Awwww. But the way Heechul said it, I would probably too. And with the mother-in-law there, that is scary… But when he answered it on the box thingy… HE LOOKED SO SEXY! I wouldn’t care! XDDDDDDDDD When he found out that it was up there he got into sad mode.. his image… destroyed. It gets even worst for him.. They think that something like “Congratulations~” will be up there. And when Shoo went up to answer it, he said that he thinks that it won’t be up there. Which at that point I thought so too. Because usually when you tell other people they usually say that.. But not the guy. And it WASN’T! He gets a scared face and says “What happens to me, now that I predicted that the answer will be wrong?” HIS FACE! OMOA~ SO CUTE! “Do I become more evil?” LOLOL. Then Shoo said “Hooray~” Which looked so funny at the bottom angle. XDDDD Anyways then later they ask Heechul to do another bad role. To answer “Am I the father?” type answers. He gets all emo! They keep making him do so, SDY is like more sly so people would want to change the channel! XDDDDD OMG! Then the answer comes out wrong, and everyone is like “Really! What kind of person would say such a thing!” LOL!

It starts off with Noh Sayeon saying that the guy might lift her up in the air and hug and such. Then all of a sudden Heechul runs up to the answer box thingy yelling “I must do answers like this!” and LOLOLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLl at what happens next! He runs up and Sayeon grabs his arm and Shoo is also running towards the box, Shoo hits the button but Sayeon pushes Shoo away and Heechul off the stage! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I am starting to like Sayeon, only she can do that to an idol with aplozing to the fans on air. LOL. But it was funny! I love it! I think she is in Star King? Sorry about all the LOLs here. I just love using them. Anyways they say that what if the guy avoids contact. Which is a possibly. Heechul was about to go up and do it, but hes like I should avoid answers like these. LOLOLOL. Someone else answered and the real answer was WTH?!? Left the country briefly and couldn’t contact. WTH! Left the country?! Then he does the last one. Its really good. XDDDDDDDDDDD Makes me love him more.. and praobaly get pregnant with his child.. at 17… XDDDDDDDDDDDDD JKJKJKJKJKJKJK. I DONT WANNA DIE YET! He says “Mmmm, I’m really happy. Let’s go formally see your parents.” Then the show the answers in the end. And some are SUPER LOL WORTHY! Some answers to the question: Felt so apologetic, he cried/
Am I good or what?/How did it happen with one night?
My favorite one is Am I good or what? LOLOL. I mean what the heck? XDDDDDDDD  I probably left a lot out. But watch it. Seriously.

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Happy Birthday Tablo!

Lee Sun Woong! One third of Epik High!

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