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26 June 2008 at 5:51 pm 2 comments

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Thank you irisr0ses for the subs.


Well this is something new. Tohoshink (I will call them that because they are on a Japanese show) and a Japanese girl group called Perfume, theirs songs are really good. I made a ringtone for them, I haven’t heard much of their music but the ones I have heard so far are really good. Tohoshinki,Perfume, TRF, which is another girl group. Which I have no idea of their music, but they Yu-ki has a very nice voice. Then in to two lines, a boy line and a girl line.  Each paired up with someone. I do not know the band Perfume very well so I am sorry if I mess up their names or something. But the oder is as:

Yu-ki Changmin
Nakagawa Shouko Yoochun
Nocchi Junsu
Aa-chan Jaejoong
Kashiyuka Yunho

But they sing a song for the first part, which I thought was really cute! I want an MP3 of it now!!! I didn’t really understand either expect for the part that said Boy meets Girl. Which I thought sounded really cute. But lets talk about the boys, Changmin looks sooooooo good in the outfit that he is wearing! As does everyone else, but I am really liking Changmin in his outfit right now. I think this was a while ago, seeing as Yoochun has his blonde tufts.
They start off with them saying when they had their tour, that one of the dancers during their singing time, its really easy to spot him.. he is the only male that can probably dance better than most of us reading this because we had no dance training at all. LOL. Anyways they are happy that SAM was their stage choreographer. Okay… So i cheated.. I didn’t know anything about the girls names.. But I swear that one of them looked familiar. And she is Nakagawa Shouko, WHY? Because I was watching KAT-TUN Cartoon and she was on it! HA! Anyways… For the group TRF there are three people and Yu-ki was in the line and then there is Chiharu and Etsu. They were both dancers instead of standing in the lines it was either because they didn’t want to or a whole another reason. But the girls from Perfume are really young! Their age difference from Tohoshinki is the one from kindergarten to elementary.. They didn’t say when exactly but there must be quite a gap right? So they talk about is if possible to fall in love at first sight. All the females says yes, and a couple of guys also say the same. From the looks of it, Changmin and Yunho think so. Yunho says that a small act of kindness is something that they would probably fall for. Like picking up a piece of debris on your shirt or something.

I am not going to do part 3&4 because I tell too much. Heheh, and I got catch up on everything for everyone else. :]]] Its really good. DON’T FORGET TO WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY!


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DBSK…140608 Manduuuuu~

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  • 1. krazylala  |  16 July 2008 at 10:49 pm

    there are three girls in perfume and their age is 18-19 what happened to part 2 and 3?

  • 2. yourtenshi  |  1 August 2008 at 4:26 pm

    tooooo: krazylala
    ohhhh, i dont know. its not me who posted them up. its the user. you should ask her.


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