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One after another! SO MANY GROUPS COMING OUT AT ONCE! This time its an another girl group.. Geeze, where are all the boy groups?… Anyways by SM Entertainment, presents TOUCHS. Which I personally do not like the name.. Its kinda… uhmm lets just say that people can interpret it into many ways especially since it is a girl group. But since they are from SME, they must be pretty good right? I’m not saying that others are bad.. just that a lot of groups out of SME became really successful. But they are going to rival with The B also with 7 members. But instead of being all Korean members they are also reaching out into the other ethnicity like Chinese and something new, a Singaporean. There members are as follows:

Stella, 張夏珍、尹薰晶、裴熹彬、金藝珍、Joene

I’m sorry. I can’t read the names and I just copied and pasted it.. Anyways for one thing I know that Stella is semi famous. For being Super Junior Siwon’s Ex-Girlfriend that I know of. A little insight though:

S.M公司继SJ少女时代后 又发布最新女子组合

“S.M 继东方神起、Super Junior、天上智喜和少女时代后,于5月10日通过网路发布的最新女子组合‘TOUCHS’出道消息得到了网友的高度关注,消息在网路的点击率也高达 百万次;其中组合里有一定人气的Stella和张夏珍呼声最高,更是有歌迷纷纷猜测其组合的出道形式,让网友高呼好期待。

Rough Translation:
SM Entertainment had trained & created successful groups like DBSK, Super Junior, CSJH and Girls’ Generation, has yet again on the 10th of May announce the presence of the new girl group ‘TOUCHS’ through online media had caught many interest of the people. Information hit count regarding the girls’ group on search engine had reached the point of over hundred thousands times. In fact, members of the group such as Stella & Hajin(I suppose) has the highest popularity and many fans are right now anxious & guessing the style of this girl group’s debut. ‘TOUCHS’ this girls’ group will be meeting their fans & the Korean entertainment through releasing their digital single on the month of June.

Okay, the picture are as follows… I have NO idea. EXPECT for the first one on top is Stella, she is on the left, and every other I have NO idea to as who they are. But some look like ordinary girls, they don’t look special or whatever. But I find the second picture on the top, the girl that has BH on her is really pretty. The third one looks like a normal girl on myspace or their version of myspace, which is Cyworld right? Or minihompy? Same difference. Then the one below, reminds me of someone… I just cant think.. As the next three do below like the third one on top! Wow, at least the repsent the plainer girls who dont have the money or looks. Respect yo, RESPECT. XD

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Gone… Yoonnnnn~

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  • 1. jacky  |  25 June 2008 at 8:52 pm

    woah… hangeng’s on the side.. cute:) uhm. wecome to the world of showbussiness touchs:)

  • 2. jacky  |  25 June 2008 at 9:06 pm

    can you add me as your friend? uhm..

  • 3. jacky  |  25 June 2008 at 9:06 pm

    i just saw this site while searching:)

  • 4. yourtenshi  |  26 June 2008 at 1:08 pm

    haha, i know hangeng is really cute~
    well i dont know much about this site so i dont know how to add friends. unless your talking about a different site? but thats cool. where did you see the site from? just wondering you know.

  • 5. SuJu SarangHae..  |  6 August 2008 at 4:50 am

    are they already debuted? bcoz i never seen their appreance..
    i’m so curios, i hope they not like SNSD
    i hope they can learn from SNSD’s mistakes and not to be SNSD follower

  • 6. yourtenshi  |  6 August 2008 at 4:41 pm

    toooo:SuJu SarangHae
    i dont think so. not of what i heard of.. but i wonder if they are really going too. there wasnt any offical pictures of them yet. so its unknown. i dont think they are going to be like SNSD, maybe something a little different because they are from the same company if they debut that is.


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