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From SNSD! But to me the way it was written seemed a little uhm.. fake.. I hope the neitzens don’t bash them now for saying sorry. Geeze, the girls try hard, but sometimes just not hard enough and mistakes are for learning.

To all our fans who love us:

Hello fans, this message is from Girls’ Generation:

This will be the first time for us to put a message on our website, and we should’ve had it up sooner. Ever since our debut and for the past 10 months, we have been receiving a lot of support from our fans. We are enjoying our current success because of you. We’ve shared a lot of good memories that we can reminisce on. From our debut performance that we waited all our lives for. The first meeting with fans after our debut performance. When we reached our first #1 ranking, where we cried. Our “rookie artist award”, which was one of our goals we wanted to attain when we were just trainees. Into the new world, Kissing You, and Baby Baby. Despite all the hard work and hectic schedules, we were all happy.

We are grateful and would like to thank all our fans for all the happy memories you have provided us. The past 10 months were full of great memories. Unfortunately, there are also some memories that we regret. We are saddened, these regretful events was a learning experience for us and we’ve matured from it. Some of the regrets were our lack of proper respect, our inappropriate comments that have hurt people. We apologize to all those whom we offended, in the future we will be more aware of our behavior.

We thank everyone who were with us always. Those who loved, cared, and trusted in us. We cannot thank you enough, it was heartwarming to see all our fans who would wave the pink balloons no matter where we went. The only thing we can give in return is to work harder and sing with all our passion.

We are planning to show you the improved SNSD. We continue to train hard and improve ourselves.

Be good, and stay healthy.

If SNSD is saying sorry then those boys at the Dream Concert should not only say sorry but do a whole lot of other things because of what they did. Its not right that SNSD should partly suffer because of what happened at the Dream Concert.
I am just reporting news and adding my own opinion. If you do not like it then please ignore it. Thank you.

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