I don’t hate them…

11 June 2008 at 4:13 pm 8 comments

I really don’t, but I can’t help but get mad when people post things like this. Sure not all of them might be the greatest girls in the world or the most respectful, but they try? Sometimes. But when they do make their mistakes, its human. Its not like they were programmed like some robots or whatever. Here is a list from the netizens:

1. Super Junior
In the case of SUJU, on the Taeyeon-Kangin radio program “Chin Chin”, -Taeyeon said a cuss word that eventually Kangin had to take responsibility!
Specifically she called him a “retard” in Korean it’s a cuss word. In return Kangin had to defend for Taeyeon and tell listeners she accidentally mispronounced the word, and that she did not say that on purpose.

We all heard how Taeyeon received over 300 hate comments that day!

Later that day Soshified began attacking SuJu members KangIn, Eeteuk, Sungmin and DongHae.

2. SES

SNSD commented that it would be difficult to follow S.E.S. because its members are artificial.
And they added that SNSD is this generation’s beauties. (source)

3. SS501
-When Tiffany saw Park Jung Min, she said he looks like he’d have 10 bank accounts and that he looks funny from far away.
-During the program, Tiffany also exclaimed “omg HIM”?! when she saw Park Jung Min. She has no right to be an MC.
-SNSD fans made fun of SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon, saying “he looks disgusting.” They also made fun of Park Jung Min.


Same as what happened with SS501 and SUJU; some members of SNSD did not use formal speech when talking about DBSK and calling their names, like saying “Xiah Junsu” instead of “sonbae”.
– Jessica guest starred on Park Kyung Lim’s Outing. Park Kyung Lim asked Jessica who her favorite artist was and she said DBSK. Then Park Kyung LIm asked which member in DBSK she liked and she said “Jaejoong”, not using formal speech to say his name.
– Tiffany showed how witty she was by saying DBSK’s wave of red balloons looked like insects.
– SNSD fans were upset about the CF that SNSD did with DBSK so they accused DBSK of sexual harassment to give DBSK a bad image and creating a buzz in the internet.

5. Big Bang
SNSD made fun of Tae Yang’s real name “Dong Youngbae”, saying “What kind of name is that? It’s not even “Dong Young sang” (videos).”

6. Epik High- Tablo
Taeyeon was on Kangin’s Chin Chin radio when she saw Tablo at the computer. She said, “Doesn’t he look like a leet “오타쿠” ?
(For those who don’t know what leet means, you can look it up in “Urban Dictionary”. But leet is an internet word that has evolved into referring to gamers or computer hackers who are stuck in front of their computers. But in Korean, it also has negative references to the Japanese.)

7. Happy Shares Company (만원의행복) show program
SNSD members were rude to the program PD (producer & camera man), intentionally hiding Yoonah (the guest) and giving her food to eat, which is against the rules on the show. When they were finally caught by the PD, they shook their head and said, “We didn’t do anything” and then at the end, blatantly admitted that Yoonah ate something.
The PD said, “For someone who is young, you shouldn’t do this, Yoonah.”
Yoonah replied, “I’m 18,” while blinking her eyes innocently.
Yuri, who was standing in front, said, “We are old enough ~” while Taeyeon grabbed the back of her neck and pretended to fall to the ground, expressing that what the PD said was not “fair”.

8.Discriminating on show programs
On a weekend café program, SNSD called a trot singer “Sparkles” (referring to the bright sequined clothes they wear) and said, “Get money from Sparkles~”. The members delayed the serving the singer, saying amongst each other “I don’t like Sparkles”. They made their contempt for the singer evident while showing favoritism for some baseball players also at the café.

9. YoonA Disrespected Tei
YoonAh guest starred on Tei’s “Island” radio program. Tei greeted her with a full bow but Yoonha just gave a small bow as if greeting a B-list singer. Tei is not a B-list singer; he is one of the top ballad singers in Korea.

10. Wonder Girls
– Soshi fans went to Wonder Girls’ fan signing
One SNSD fan went to the Wonder Girls’ fan signing and asked Sunye to sign “Right now is Girls Generation”. This fan also dared to post a picture of Sunye singing this online.
– Remarks related to Wonder Girls
Whenever SNSD asks “Do you like Wonder Girls or SNSD?”
they grow cold and silent towards people who say “Wondergirls”.
– SNSD girls did mic tests while Wonder Girls was rehearsing

I do agree that some of the things they did were inappropriate, but I don’t think its enough to bash them. Their songs are really good, in my opinion. Like the Happy Shares Company one.. who doesn’t try to sneak food and say they didn’t? Isn’t that what makes the show more interesting? Its not everyone in the group either, and I’m not saying to only bash the people who made mistakes, but don’t take it out on the whole group. I mean some aren’t even that famous and yet the kinda get into trouble for what happens. I don’t hate anyone of the girls, I like them all really.  I should stop here, before I get bashed for saying these kinds of things.

Source(s): asianfanatics


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8 Comments Add your own

  • 1. smilingsky  |  12 June 2008 at 6:16 pm

    Thank U for the translation!
    I saw that long list in Korean & wondered what was added up to be that long.
    Some of those… uhm, shall I say funny?

    The ones who made that list are even more childish than SNSD girls, in my opinion…

  • 2. yourtenshi  |  13 June 2008 at 2:13 pm

    your welcome! some of them are funny because i think sometimes i others are like that too, but they ignore it. the people who made the list are probably haters of SNSD.

  • 3. khunploy  |  13 June 2008 at 8:10 pm

    I’ve heard a lot of things that their fans did to my WG – – *

    I didn’t hate them ……………………………….

    not really – –

  • 4. yourtenshi  |  14 June 2008 at 2:46 am

    tooo: khunploy
    really? I heard it was mostly to super junior and dbsk. but not really the wonder girls. but who knows.
    ah, you hate them because you like the wonder girls more? XD well then thats your opinion.

  • 5. Didier  |  15 June 2008 at 4:45 pm

    well i don’t think it’s that big of a deal , i mean they are still quite new to the entertainment world and they’re not used to the formality of celebrities. although i’m a big fan of some of the artists mentioned above, i think their behaviors are reasonable enough for me to accept. about the dbsk thing(i’m a big fan) i think tiffany words just means that they have so many fans , there’s so much that it cant be counted(like insects). for the other artists, i think they’re behaving like this just because they want to make friends with them(like making jokes and stuff)

    i will continue to support them since many artists makes mistakes like these.

  • 6. olyn21  |  20 June 2008 at 7:49 pm

    funny dont like girl group… im not into them ahahahahaha! love shinhwa members, dbsk micky and ss501hyun joong……don’t care what other “people” say… joke or not… be responsible enough…haha…. young people nowadays… hahah though im young too.. but… respect is really important…. asians are known to be very respectful… correct me if im wrong… haha! im sure ul agree…

  • 7. olyn21  |  20 June 2008 at 7:52 pm

    just be responsible… if ur new.. u should know ur place… be respectful enough… and negative attitude in entertainment industry (my own observation) won’t do u good… if ur popular now u might not be popular tomorrow… hehe… just be very careful… human errors are understandable but human errors times a hundred are not….:) let’s all have peace of mind..

  • 8. yourtenshi  |  26 June 2008 at 4:00 pm

    yeah, i think so tooo. but they arent that new it almost probably has been a year since their debut and they should know what to do and what not. but what people do.. but i am also fans of the artists that were mentioned, since they are close isnt it okay? i would think so right?

    sometimes asians are respectful.. depending on the person. but of course most if not all are really respectful. well they did take responsibility with the apology they put on their website, so its okay now. yeah it seems very hard to survive in the Korean entertainment industry because everyone is waiting for you to make a mistake or something.


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