Star Golden Bell [[070608]]

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Thank You vinchenzo79 for the subs.
Part 2
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

Wonder Girls and Super Junior! With all of the Wonder Girls and Leeteuk, Yehsung, and Sungmin of Super Junior. So they start off, and then Sun Ye talks about her “oppa-fan” and “uncle-fans”. Apparently the Oppa-fans are crazy with the “ILY” and stuff, as for the Uncle-fans a little more quieter. So they demonstrated, two lines, one with fairly younger people and older people on the other. Super Junior + some actor named Park Hyun Bin. I don’t know him, but anyways they shouted and bowed down to them. LOL. Well PHB did and Teukie! It is a sight to see, then when the older people did it all they did was clap. So Hee did the “Omona” did, and it looked like she was tried of doing it, but it was cute, they also had someone named Heung Gook do it, and it was… Yeah. LOL! He also thought their song was called “Tull Me”!!! And when he sings it, IT WAS LOLLLL. Then OMG TEUKI! Most other shows have some kind of saying/slogan whatever, but SGB doesn’t so he makes one up! :O ITS SO WEIRD! So they introduce the line, and PHB was saying how he never got to sit in the front before and now he is happy. Then Sungmin ruins it for him by saying that the line goes in order by age! XD When PHB is asked who of the Wonder Girls he likes best, he says So Hee. Heheh, everyone older than her likes her. But she is cute! The MC Sukjin asked her how it feels and if it was bothersome? She said YES! LOLOLOL. Poor PHB, but then it would be like cradle robbing, because Teukie is around 26, and if hes older… and So Hee is 15-16 ish? PHB sings a song for her, and I think its the most funniest song ever! LOL. They ask her to say hello oppa to him, but she just says hello, and again, then they ask her to say hello uncle. Through the first part you see her sticking out her tongue a lot, its weird. Talking to Teukie about his hobbies… searching “Super Junior” and “Leeteuk”. Yeah.. He says at least 5 times everyday and its to maintain the search rank. XDDDD “As leader, I have to prevent the lowering of our values.” OH LETEUK!!! LOL! I think a lot of fangirls might be jealous that he wants to get closer to Sun Ye, well maybe not, because he says its because she is also a leader. They have a six years difference…. TEUKIE WE HAVE AN 8 YEAR DIFFERENCE IS THAT OKAY? >.< Anyways they go off saying how if you search Yehsung you get restaurant names and CPA names, Sungmin you get company names. LOL. OMO! LEETEUK! HE SHOWS HIS BOOSTER SOLES! OMG! YOU HAVE TO SEE IT! Three doesn’t look like a lot but its really is :OOOOOOOOO Poor Yehsung, the last time he was on he said he had a big head, and every time he searches his name (big head) Yehsung pops up too.. XD He doesn’t want that anymore… ITS OKAY YEHSUNGIE, THE ELF FANS WILL PROBABLY TAKE IT OFF FOR YOU!


When I walk by on the streets.. People say, “Isn’t that the one with the big head?” – Yehsung

YEHSUNG! ITS OKAY! I PROBABLY WILL NEVER DO THAT! Then Sungmin says something, the first time he was on SBG, he ate something that made his mouth smell bad so he used mouthwash, and he ran to the bathroom to spit it out. He saw MC Sukjin and of course had to be polite and say hello, but he couldn’t, but he had to be nice and swallowed the mouthwash! BUT the MC already walked away! Awww, poor Sungmin because of his nice-ness he swallowed mouthwash.. The MC was like I didn’t know it was mouthwash and stuff like that. Heheh. Then SUJU does Cooking? Cooking! WAHHH, their dance is so cute!!! Then Wonder Girls does So Hot. As on most SBG episodes when they have all the members they do the survey thingy. It goes as follows:

Sun Miworst sleep habit and mad easiest. So Hee shared a room with her and when asked about Sun Mi sleeping habits she was like “Uh.. yeah..” LOL. She tickles person sleep next to her with toes and rotates while sleeping. Sun Ye found out first when sleeping next to her, she couldn’t sleep so she slept in the corner. LOL. I have bad sleep habits too… I don’t tickle… I kick.. but I also turn when I sleep. XD

Ye Eun dirtiest member. She doesn’t think so. she just thinks the other members wash often. LOL. THE BEST EXCUSE EVER! Sun Mi says she runs on the treadmill and gets all sweaty she just sleeps after… Thats just wrong.. I’m sorry. Her reason is because their stylist tells her to wash every two days because she bleached it twice and colored three times.. I guess it works? XD But then someone says washing your hair and showering is different!!! Sun Ye says after practicing and sweating she doesn’t shower then next morning just goes to school, putting her uniform over her practice clothes. Then the MC asks you didn’t have your hair colored back then. Ye Eun was like I was a senior in high school and when studying your not suppose to wash your hair to often. LOL. I LOVE HER EXCUSES! “I’m sorry, when do you actually wash?” MC Jae Dong asked her! XD

Yoo Bin – member who is the most different off camera. Sun Mi says that she studies English and on camera she speaks English and shows her charismatic side. But since she is from a certain Province(?), she has a comfortable side to her. So on TV she is like “Wonder Girls~” but at home shes like

Then Sun Mi talks about how she makes them laugh. One time after a commercial voice thingy, Yoo Bin made them laugh a lot with her “commercial voice”. AND OMO! Yoo Bin has a cute commercial voice! YOU HAVE TO HEAR IT!



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