Waking up… F.T Island

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Thank You lakartiae for the subs.

Edit: Found one with subs! I’ll just add onto here. LOL! Dongmin said “Big Bang” instead of F.T Island. He seems so sleepy, hes not even awake yet! LOL. TT.TT I suck so much. The first room is Minhwan and WONBIN! OMG! I SAID JAEJIN! IM SORRY!!! IM SUCH A BAD FANGIRL! OMG! I DON’T DESERVE TO BE A F.T. ISLAND FANGIRL! I SUCK SO BAD!!! I MESSED THREE PEOPLE UP! WAHHHHH!!! But I should atleast write.. Okay. So when Dongmin is waking up Minhwan he says these funny things!!! LOL. “I’m creepy arent’ I?”, “I’m going to die even moreeee~” LOL. I LOVE THE CREEPY SAYING ONE! XD And when he is waking up Jonghun and he calls Jonghun hes like hmmm? ITS SO CUTE! When they show JAEJIN’S shirt Dongminsays “Because of you my heart is broken.” Heheh, and the tissue!
Jaejin: “Why can’t there be tissue on my bed?”
Dongmin:”Viewers will misunderstand.”

LOL. I DID! When I didn’t have the subs… They are human.. BOYS! And as Dongmin is leaving:
“Kids these days are full of sprit.”
Jaejin:”Ah.. It’s not like that…”
“Oh no, no, I wasn’t referring to that.”

SO CUTE! Then towards Hongki’s room, Jaejin is like “Do you want uncle to wake you up?”. Heheh. Then they show how big Hongki’s pants are.. And show his stomach! Dongmin touches Hongki’s stomach and Hongki covers it with his hand, and tells him he cant show it to the viewers. WHY NOT?! When he is getting his clothes is when he finally notices he the camera crew.. LOL. Jeajin didn’t even know that he had a hole in his shirt! He is confusedddd. I think it was Hongki who says “Sorry, we are still young..” when they showed him shirtless with Jaejin. When Jonghun leaves the room he says “Can you leave” and he leaves the room and it pans across going to the door and thats when they show Minhwan! He did it on purpose! XD Because you see his hand pointing at Minhwan while laughing!  OHHH! ♥


OH THE LOLS! WOW! I love this show! PKL Wonderful Outing! I think its the best show ever, really. Its soo funny and they get to do whatever they want. And PKL is one of the best hostess ever. Even though she isn’t the prettiest she can be really cool. I loved her during her X-man days.. especially when she dances with Grasshopper… Anyways on to the show. It doesn’t have subs, but its okay. It is still harilous. So they start off with Dongmin(?) I think thats his name… And hes in the front door of F.T Island’s dorm room, then when the enters the first door you see a bunk bed with Minhwan and Jaejin Wonbin. The only reason you can tell its Minhwan it is because of his new hair color. He is the only one currently in F.T Island to have blonde hair. LOL. I like it though, it looks cute! So Dongmin goes to the bottom bed where Minhwan is at and he pulls down his pants a bit.. even though he already showing some skin.. :]] AND HE PATS/TAPS that butt (?) LOL, and or lower back.. Minhwan then turns around, suprised like WAH? He has his sleepy face and ITS CUTE! Dongmin is really funny too! He hugs Minhwan and makes a weird noise? LOL. Its like WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? I think its Minhwan who starts to make sobbing noises? I don’t know but its just okay… Then he starts to wake up Jaejin! It took me a while to figure out that was Jaejin but I did… He wears a PIGGY sleeping MASK! AHHH!! ITS WAS ASYHGJASDOGJ CUTE!!! That boy also sleeps with his ipod on! I did.. :]] Something in COMMON! One step closer to him… XD He looks confused! I love it, sleepy and confuseddd. When he sees the camera he smiles! :D and then buries his face and starts sobbing?! It looks so good even without make-up! Then next room! OH THE MORE LOLS! You see someone on the top bunk but can’t really tell because his face is covered, then when it goes down to the bottom bunk, all you see is Dongmin and someone but Dongmin is next to him! XD When you see it you probably get it more then my word-ing.  JONGHUN SLEEPS WITH A TEDDY BEAR!!! I want to be his teddy bear!!! JEALOUS! When Dongmin reveals the boy on the top bunk its Wonbin Jaejin, and he has a peaceful sleeping face on! He turns around and when he does you see a HOLE in the back of his shirt! XD TWO OF THEM! Then Dongmin brings out what looks like to be tissue? But Wonbin Jaejin snatches it right back. Then you see Wonbin Jaejin in the bathroom… Nothing dirty, just crying.. ITS OKAY WONBIN! STILL LOVE YOU! Then Minhwan comes into the bathroom rubbing his eyes. Then to the last boy to wake up.. HONGKI! He is on the top bunk, and then you see his feeties first! XD Wonbin comes in and starts hitting him to wake up, I’m guessing. When Dongmin takes off the covers you see some SKIN.. on his stomach. >.< Then he wakes up like WHAT THE HECK?! His eyes still closed and his hair so messy! LOLLLLLLL. HIS HAIR IS EVERYWHERE! When he gets off the top bunk, by being half awake he JUMPS OFF! The camera follows Wonbin, but when he is about to change hes like Woah, and tires to hide Hongki who has HIS SHIRT OFF! Wonbin is trying to hide him from the camera with his PANTS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WONBIN?! WE NEED TO SEE! Jonghun up close and handsome faceeee, but then you see Minhwan in the middle of putting on a shirt! SO MUCH SKINNNN IN THIS CLIP! HONGKI AGAIN ITS JAEJIN THIS TIME!!! But this time its his pants! XDDDDD LAMOOOOOOO!!! Jonghun goes into a room, but checks before he opens it all the way and you see Hongki Jeajin with his hands on his pants frozen. OMG! See why this is the best show ever! I’m only older than two of them! SO ITS OKAY~~~ ♥


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SS501 leaving Korea… Soyogi.. F.T Island MV

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