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Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Part 6

Thank you ginaya for the subs.

Oh man! Back with DBSK! BUT!!! Its the full show this time! This is like the best thing ever. Seriously! If you can find something better, then you are WRONG! Hehehe. Yeah, just a little hyper a bit..kinda..sorta..really. :]] I really want to write about the WHOLE FREGGIN SHOW! But I am afraid that I will bore you with my endless OMG!’s and LOL!’s and such that you have or will be seeing… So I will just say which part its from and maybe if I am not lazy how long into that youtube clip it is. So now onto the crack and the best thing ever..

The MC is really funny, he talks about their tour in Japan, then asked how much each ticked costed, and its just a huge number and hes like they were able to get a couple millions in won for a concert. He thought it was amazing, then it got all quite do he was sorry that he brought up money. They show a clip when Dong Bang/Tohoshinki, was in Japan which has some really nice clips of them. After that is done, they talk about the Oricon Charts and how they got # 1, TWICE! If memory severs me right, it should of been Purple Line and Beautiful You. It might not seem like a BIG deal, but it is because they are the first artists to do so in 24 YEARS! That is a really long time!! A little under Jaejoong’s age! XD Then the lady MC asked how did they feel when they found out the got # 1, and Jaejoong was quick to “asa!“(which is slang for “Oh Yeah” as said by ginaya). LOL! Its so cute!!! Because he says it right away, and when they go up close on his face its so cute he has a little smile. Then Yunho goes next and hes says it with a Juel-la-do (where he was from) accent but I do not know and will not even try to spell it out! BUT its sounds so weird, its COOL! XD Changmin goes next! And apparently he is from SEOUL.. LOL! That just cracked me up right away! He just says “Woah..“, but its really cuteee!!! Because he says it like he is really super amazed. Yoochun uses English! “My God“, it kinda sounds weird, but funny at the same time. The MC is like there not really much more to say now, then Junsu is the last one. Everyone is waiting for something really cool, and he doe not disappoints. He doesn’t use Korean, or Japanese, or even English. So he says “In KENYAN” and he said it with a STRAIGHT FACE. LAMOOOOO! When I heard this! Its basically “@#%#@&$!^#$!$YEAH” :]]]] JUNSU WINS EVERYTHING! including me..

Part 2

Will be on updated later tonight OR tomorrow. Okay, so it turns out to be tonight. Anyways they talk about being in Japan, and of course the language and their jokes and stuff like that. I do know that someone have seen the concert where they used gags from Japanese comedians, like the 1,2,3 stuff. If you don’t know maybe one day I will go and find it so show. But Yunho does the 1,2,3 thing and ITS SO HILARIOUS!!! I had to stuff my mouth with a pillow not to wake everyone in my house up late at night. He uses Japanese, of course, because it works better and it was originally from Japan… Anyways he likes ichi (one), ni (two), SANNNNN(three)! like Bruce Lee, and keeps going. I know some of my Japanese, because my history teacher taught our class some.. Yes, history teacher he lived there for a couple of years, and hes white? XD Ending my life story and onto DSBK’s. Then Changmin sends a message to the Japanese people. :]] If you read the other post, then you know they talk about SNSD, here they talk about SUPER JUNIOR! YAY! They are really close, like family yo~ Hehe, they knew each other before they debuted, of course. Then they wonder who is really the senior, they would think themselves since they debuted first, but some in SNSD and SuJu are trainee seniors. The graph they had is organized as who debuted first not who was a trainee first, which I kinda get because if you were to put the trainees first then it would be everywhere. Then Junsu puts his two cents in saying that he would be first if they put it by trainees. Then the MC’s start pointing where it says 1990, saying that he would be there. LOL. But he said he would be under Fly to the Sky and BoA. The MC asks where the rest would be and Junsu said “They’d all be my children” !!! AWWWW! Then talked about Shinhwa, since they debuted under SM. Junsu tells a story when he was still a trainee, Shinhwa was in a dance room and his bag was there, but he didn’t walk in while their were in there. They were that good! :D

Part 3

They talk about SuJu again! Wahhh, Yunho says that he is shocked every time he turns on the TV
he sees them, and the MC asks “How do you feel about that?” LOLOL. Cant say much now.
Now to get good part! The MC asks “Was there a member who annoyed you…someone who got on our nerves?” And Junsu says straight out “Eunyukkie!” LOL. The MCs are like WHAT? WHY? He nice. Haha, then Junsu tells this awesome story:

“On my phone, I named him “My Subject”. I was happy with that. I would say “Hey my subject.” Then one day i saw his phone and he had me as “My Servant.””

OMG! THE LOVE! CAN YOU FEEL IT! HYUKSU!!! Anyways the MCs want more info on their relationship with SuJu and ask if they find anyone else annoying. Yunho goes with Heechul, although Kangin talks a lot about him, hes like whatever~ XD Jaejoong, Yunho, Kangin and Heechul all used to be a group, 4 Seasons LOL at the name, anyways if it did happen it would be kinda cool but at the same time disastrous because it just crazy like that with their personalities. Yunho had a girlfriend before his debut, and they broke up because Heechul had long hair and wore.. pink, flower print shirts and carry strange bags.. XD Especially every time he went out to eat with Yunho, and he was thinking “Does he like me?” AND OMG! But yeah, so one time Heechul kept brushing on his shoulder when they were eating and his girlfriend saw and thought he was cheating! My take on this is, Heechul thought the girl wasn’t good enough for Yunho and the fact that they were trainees they should have girlfriends so SABOTAGE!! Then again that is just me. On to Changmin, with most surprisingly Kibum! Supposedly Kibum used to make fun of his face, not how it looks, because its pretty good looking to me.. but how big it was compared to his! LOL. But Changmin just went up to him, using his height.. XD Micky talks about Brain Joo! From Fly to the Sky. He was a good senior.. or so the thought. LAMOOO!!! Thats what he said! Then one time in the studio he started doing a wave dance.. he was flexiable like a rubber band… XD And the MC was like show us, AND HE DOES! ITS SO SEXYYYY! So they go to Yunho about him like Eguene Noona of SES, but they didn’t say him name directly then Micky accdiently said it! Hahaha, its so cute! He turns red when hes found out! Changmin with his liking/love for Han Ga In. But she is already married to someone. And its so funny! Because Junsu and Yunho got to meet him earlier today, and Junsu said hes a really good guy to the MCs. The MCs are like tell Changming that, and he does and its just cute! :DD

Part 4

I didn’t want to write part 4 tonight but because I just HAVE to write this I will. So then he sends a video message to her, and says

i heard from my members.
That Yeon Jung Hoon sunabe is a good person.
I’m not such a bad guy either..

OMO! THAT GOT ME REALLY GOOD~ I never expected him to say that! ILY CHANGMIN! :DD

Thats all for tonight.


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