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Thank you vinchenzo79 for the subs.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

With SS501 and Kim Dong Wan plus others but not really important I’m sorry for the other fandoms for not caring about yours. But this post will mostly be focused on SS501 and Kim Dong Wan because I love them more. If you don’t know already Kim Dong Wan is from the ever so famous group of Shinhwa! Who had their 10th anniversary not to long ago, but are taking a break for 5 years because some have to go into the military. And people should already know SS501 because they the best song out right now! “A Song For You“!! Best thing ever, the MV is really cool and the song is super catchy.

Yeah, I don’t know what is wrong with the video but it starts a little later into the show where they actually start moving about 0:06. Then MC Suk Jin asks MC Soo Young who would like to go hiking with and she said Dong Wan, because of his smile. So he smiles and then laughs which is so funny and cute! Dong Wan tells how his mother thinks MC Soo Young has same eyes as him. She was all smiles and said “Thank You Mother” and the other MC Jae Dong makes fun of her because she says it right away. Then Dong Wan is asked if he said anything nice about her and he says “I like her too“. Awww cute, but gets made fun of because he said it so easily.  They go to Hyunjoong and ask who would he like to go hiking with and he answers with “Jungmin” LOL. It gets all quiet with the exception of the audience laughing, MC Suk Jin asks is it to prevent any scandals from happening. LOL-TASTIC was the answer he gave.. “No, so I can ride him.” Horsey!! Watch his facial expressions it changes so fast! Whats up with his hair too, its all ehhh. For some reason I keep thinking of Japanese… Jun Matsumoto when he was in Hana Kimi which is a really good drama/anime action live. Anyways getting off topic there but I really like Kim Shin Young because she is a great comedian. She usually has her hair straighten but this episode her hair is all curly! It makes her look like a little kid! She says she permed because a Hollywood actress also has her hair like that, and she says it “Maybe Meg Ryan?” Hahah, I don’t know who that is, but MC Jae Dong thinks she copied it from a lion… XD Woah, I did not know that the Horan there was from Clazziquai. I did not even know she started a new band with two other guys, and her singing was really good. Should check out their songs, because I really like her voice. You people should too, Clazziquai has really good music, their beat is different from most bands right now plus Alex is in it and his voice is heavenly! Their voices sound really good together. Then they have a news anchor thing? And another guest called Horang becomes the talk host and asks “Why are you so crazy over men?” and Horan says “Men end up hovering around me.” LOL… WHAT?! KIM DONG WAN RELEASED A SECOND ALBUM?! I need to catch up on his fandom.. been lagging it. Ohhh, it sounds really good!! I have to go find it! His dance looks like boxings moves, and Shin Young apprently agrees because she comes out of no where and does some boxing moves. LOL, because its like WHAT? Then they compare her with an old retired boxer I guess because of her hairstyle and the fact that she is boxing. This goes into a little of part 2.

They start talking about secrets and the one that Dong Wan has is so funny! I won’t type it here because its better to see it. Then they asks Jungmin, and he makes it all long and they think is all good.. but.. ahh I won’t say it. BUT LOLOLOL AND HOW CUTE! THEN OMG! OMG! KIM DONG WAN ISHH! WOW… Seriously I will not post about this one. I swear, its kinda PG. A little later they ask Ga In, I think she is a member of Brown Eyed Girls, who is her favorite member in Shinhwa, and she says Eric Oppa. With Dong Wan just right there too.. Hahah, watch his hand movements. He says Eric is quiet and clam, while he just flails around. LOL. Then they ask Hyung Joon if he ever got humiliated because people didn’t notice him when he first just debuted. He said there was some people, so yes. LOL. Then they ask if anything like that happened to Dong Wan, and he used to go to Tony’s house a lot, of H.O.T, and one time he got on the elevator with a little boy. The little boy lived a couple floors under Tony’s floor and when Dong Wan pressed the floor number the little boy said did he live on that floor. Dong Wan said yes because he didn’t want to be asked questions., and the little boy is like it must be nice living next door to a celebrity. Aww, poor Dong Wan!

This is going into the part 3. They are going to show humiliating photos! The top 3, and in third places goes to KIM KYU JONG! He looked all happy at first.. then when they showed the picture, OMG! To me its like WHY HAVEN’T I SEEN THAT PICTURE?! Its a little… weird? I don’t know how to explain it.. Also in the picture with him is Young Saeng, but lucky him you can’t see his face… XD They ask Kyu Jong what does he think of it.. He just laughs and says its funny.. LOL. Now second places goes to KIM HYUN JOONG! And his picture even has a title “A Stare into the Future“. Already loving the title before the picture is shown… OMO OMO! Its from one of his performances! And it has lyrics to it, which says “I’ve become a fool” I really want to know what song its from! Again is Young Saeng in the photo. First places goes to… KIN DONG WAN! Title is “Sorrow in the Corner“. LOL! WOW! Its from his oldddd Shinhwa days! Although it not only shows him in the picture its because he is in the corner. And then it says it being passionated, look at the dance in the corner. LAMOOO!!! A headbanger!!! The looks looks so funny too! They start talking about SS501 newest song!! There are so many ways to say it but the sub titles we get from it is “A Song Calling You” I like how “A Song For You” sounds better. It doesn’t really matter because its the same song. Then they dance to it, its soo CUTE!!! I love the dance. Some booty shaking.. Hehe.. The dance has a name! Its called “Jjang Goo Dance” and they send people to learn it! Then the MC said it might look good as a couple dance, and so the girls havce to go behind their favorite ones, and there are only 3 girls that are learing the dance. The girls are Shin Young, Jo An and Chae Young. I think there is four now? I got kinda lost. You might see what I mean, and then poor Young Saeng! He didn’t get pick, and they ask how he feels he said “I’m Happy“, kind of deadpanned. Soo cutee. Then they danced, I don’t know the four girl’s name but I will eventually find out, and its soo funny! Especailly Chae Young, she is known for her crazy style of dancing to any dance and her facail expressions are soo harilous and her pants/tights she wears under her skirt. ITS a serious must watch if you want to laugh.

The MV of a “A Song For You”! Thats what they are talking about next, if you havent seen the MV go watch it so this would make sense. Jung Min played an ANGEL! I thought he was just in a bedroom… LOL. But I guess it makes better sense. In a white room with white clothes, he said he didnt feel like an angel.. Then Kyu Jong (I think, I’m not fimailar with their voices) said “A mental patient” MC Jae Dong asks if he can act like a crazy guy… AND HE ACUTALLY DOES IT!! HE DOES IT AGAIN!! Because Chae Young is also in the background shot! Kyu Jong plays a bodyguard. And woooo, he looked good in that suit. He was saving a “top star” and they ask for a renactment with Shin Young. LOL. They give him glasses and he tries to lift Shin Young, but I guess its like the MV where he doesnt really. Then Shin Young puts on the glasses and tries to carry him, but he keeps walking backwards away from her. She eventually carries him and the roles are switched, she carries him back to where he sits.Thats all I’m going to do.


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Look Only At Me… Taeyang MV Dance to…One More Time~

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  • 1. Dongwan fan!  |  27 November 2008 at 3:28 pm

    Can you please tell me the song Dongwan was singing at part 4 when he was sliding on the ice? ;D Please and thank you! I’ve been looking for that song everywhere!


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