Look Only At Me… Taeyang MV

25 May 2008 at 6:41 pm 1 comment

I wasn’t really going to check out the MV because.. well I don’t have a reason.. Well Taeyang, a member of Big Bang released some solo singles. Although I don’t see what people are screaming over about him, I don’t think he is that good looking, plus that faux hawk does not look that good on him. The song itself it pretty good, because the fact that I don’t usually listen to that kinda of music often.The MV itself was interesting. Only by looking at it I can kinda decipher what the song is about.

Taeyang has a girlfriend and wants to hang out, and I really like her eyes. :] But she can’t for one reason or another, so he hangs it with his homies at a coffee house or something similar to that. Then his girlfriend comes in with G-Dragon! Big slap in the face to Taeyang, he notices her right away then it takes a while for her to realize that he is there. But wow, I could not recognize G-Dragon right away!!! He had some awesome humongous glass on!! His hair too! It was short and spiked up ish and stuff like that, I only noticed him when he took off the glasses… Taeyang does some dance moves with different girls in different styles of clothing, there was there hip-pop type, then a i guess what you can call a girly girl, one of the waitresses. Then they all dance together with an another who looked business type. I thought it was pretty interesting, because he might/could of been saying he doesn’t want those types of girls but someone like you. Just my thought so don’t take it too literally. While sitting with G-Dragon she keeps looking over towards Taeyoung and does that throughout the whole MV.

Then they are at the park and LOL!! they have laying down dance moves! Which were pretty cool, but I wonder if hes going to do that when and if he performs. Then this time you see Seungri with the girl on the bench, and WOAH now she has the old school huge nerdy glasses. So jealous!!! Seungri is stroking her hair with his arm around her… and walking through school like that.. Sigh, dreaming away again.

Next at the train station with Daesung! This girl knows how to choose the boys right? XD Taeyang is on the other side of the station and is just singing at dancing as the train passes and she sees him through the windows of the train. Daesung is all talking and dancing ish(?) around her, and shes still like a rock or something. They ended up at hair saloon place, and shes getting her hair done while Daesung is sitting next to her talking and all smileys, and Taeyang does a small wave around 3:20-3:22 which I thought was pretty sexy. There is one dance move that looks like hes drinking something, which I found kinda funny.

Then a dance solo for Taeyoung, and it looked like one of Usher’s thing? I don’t really remember exactly, because its been so long but it seemed like one of his. With mirrors and Taeyang in black and white mostly dancing, I thought his dancing was really good there.

After the dancing sorta solo, because in and out he has other people dancing with him, they are at a black tie event, and the last member of Big Bang is with her T.O.P and dangggg, he looks so good in a suit and his hair looked freggin awesome, almost couldn’t tell that it was him! I really liked the bow tie that Taeyang was wearing, it looked pretty cute! Argh, so jealous of the girl, she dancing all over T.O.P and her arms were just around him!! But he was just standing there emotionless and drinking wine? At least that what it looked like since it was red. Then the ending was LOL and WTH at the same time, because it ended up being a dream/nightmare. Taeyang is sleepin on her lap and he gets up and says something and she gets all confused like huh? But then he just fixes his hat and goes back to laying in her lap.

They also show some behind the scenes clips. A lot of Taeyang laughing and smiling. There is one part when they are on the esclator and Daseung is in the front and two feet come on either side of him which is LOLLLLL.. Can’t tell who it is though. And in the formal part they show T.O.P laughing a lot as the girl is dancing around him, I guess its awkward to be all emotionless as some pretty girl is dancing around you. Then out of no where, he starts randomly dancing! Its so CUTE!!! I LOVE D-GRAGON’S SSMILE!!! XD They show Seungri all laughing then pointing to himself like me? Taeyang is has a pretty smile too. The song is pretty good, take a listen. I might look at his other MV he made.


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Only a preview… Star Golden Bell [[052408]]

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  • 1. Craig Stevenson  |  19 October 2008 at 5:41 am

    This MV is one of the best I have ever seen! I just recently got into Gayo, (Korean-Pop), starting with the Wondergirls, Bi (Rain) and Big Bang.

    This MV is awesome! Great post, right on!


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