Super Junior M on Super Star [[080418]]

23 May 2008 at 11:16 pm 2 comments

Above is Part 2.

Part 1
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Thank you for iamwendyhello for the subbs.

Super Junior M first television appearance in China! Wheee.

Sorry but I couldn’t embed the video, it was canceled by request. So I used the second one because I could actually embed it, and it makes it looks nice.. But anyways Hangeng start off talking with the MC’s, and I don’t know their names so I’m going to name them Grey MC and White MC, because they of their jacket color, after their intro of “WE ARE SUPER JUNIOR M!” and Grey MC is like “Do they understand when to do the intro? Or is it automatic when they hear “hello everyone…” and just do it?” Hangeng said they know those kinds of things, and so the Grey MC wants to test it out. Of course, they know it.

Then they start their introductions, starting with Ryeowook -Quishin(?)-! His Chinese name is a little weird, or not. Maybe because I’m Cantonese, so I don’t really know Mandarin. But before Henry starts his intro, the Grey MC says they have to say something different from everyone else, and he says “I wish everyone can like me.” AWWWW, I LIKE YOU HENRY! and the MC asks if does a cool/hot pose because the MC says so. XD Which was really cute~ But I like Ryeowook’s, which was after Henry because they said it late. He does a little spin. Ahh~ then Henry does another one, with a kiss~ after Ryeowook steps on his feet. >.< Donghae -Donghai(?)- same difference right? His was a little hip sway, side to side~~ “I really miss youuu~” I miss you too! Even though we never meet! BUT ITS OKAY! Hangeng goes next! AND OMG, HEART ATTACK. The way he says his name is so sexyyyy! I guess because they are within the Nanjing area? I’m sorry, I don’t know my Chinese provinces.  He uses dialect to ask the audience “Have you eaten?“. When the audience answers, half said yes and the no, so hes like “I’ll treat you all to dinner.” Awww, no fair.. XD Siwon -Siyuan(?)- goes next. Since he filmed in China he knows some Chinese. So he asks the audience a question. “Are you hot right now?” “Yesss” “I am too” :O REALLY NOW! While hes walking towards the audience Hangeng had to pull him back, and to compare sizes Hangeng is about a head shorter so it looks kinda funny. Then the MC’s start teaching Chinese, the Nanjing dialect/phrases. White MC tells Siwon to say “Pretty girls, you’re so beautiful!” Which the girls go crazy for!! Then after he goes “Truly“. Kyuhyun goes next! I love his Chinese name for some reason. It just rolls off my tounge. XD First he looked a little lost then he went in between Hangeng and Siwon who were in a middle of a hug.. LOL! SiHan ♥ But going on, Kyunhyun says his hello and BOTH Hangeng and Siwon pretend to swoon when he said that! :DDDDD I LOVE IT!!!! But then Kyuhyun said “I think Chinese fans are really cute!” YAY! IM CHINESE! LOVE YOU KYUHYUN!!! Zhoumi is the last one to go. His smile is so cute! It makes me smile. C: But he starts off with a charisma style of intro and then it goes into cute mode! WAHHH! It reminds of me Xiah Junsu!!! >.< Siwon is like “CUTE! CUTE!” OF COURSE IT WAS!

Then, although it doesn’t say directly the subs, the White MC talks about how they don’t shine because SJM is there. The Grey MC is says not true because they have their group. “Super Junior – SJC” Reminds me of when they started talking about having a Super Junior in China… When it was called Super Junior China.. SJC… Heheh, anyways the Grey MC tries to say the letters in english and gets “G” mixed up with “J” and says -S- -G- -C- and it comes with a funny face. He asks Hangeng do they know why they are called SJC, and Hangeng is all confused and says “S MC?” But then Grey MC says its because they are in Suo Jun Cun. I don’t  know anything about China or it cities and such. Even though I am Chinese… But American-Chinese… and Cantonese not Mandarin. Kinda sucks, but its all good.  That was the first part! There is eight of them.. I might add on if I’m not lazy. Just short ones? Or my favorite ones. :p


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  • 1. wendy  |  3 June 2008 at 1:07 pm

    yeahh, my translations are a little off
    sry about that..hehe ^^”

  • 2. yourtenshi  |  3 June 2008 at 1:17 pm

    aww, its okay. im just grateful for any translation at all. :]


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