Kim Hyung Joon expecting twins…

14 May 2008 at 4:55 am 2 comments

Part 2

Thank you for quainte501for the subs!

Yes, there is nothing wrong with the title. This is pure crack love!  SS501 boys are going to mommy’s! They are on a show called “Big Mama”. Where apparently they have to wear a pregnant suit [or whatever you want to call them] for 24 hours. Like most variety shows they can get penalties for doing something wrong. Will edit more later Okay, since its the afternoon I thing I shall start on it again.

I’ll just give the basics of it BECAUSE I’m not going to have enough time to do all explain the whole show and since I am super picky I would want all of them to be the same. I think. But maybe when I don’t have stress.

But the boys have to wear a pregnant suit and its not just the stomach its comes with the top half too! It starts out to be and exercise “activity”.  Each of the boys have to wear one, but one will have to wear a bigger one that carries twins, so twice the weight! :OO They play the chicken game(?)  to choose who will get to carry the twins, and with my title it is kinda obvious.

After putting on the uhm, suits (?) they start with some simple exercises with an exercise ball. Not really. They are playing with the baby, and of course they start messing around. Hyungjoon pushes Jungmin to gain balance while doing an exercise, and Jungmin falls off on his butt~ to gain revenge he kicks the exercise ball that Hyungjoon is sitting on making him fall off but not before yelling “Our baby is in danger, what do you treat my baby as?“. Which I found to be the most harilous thing ever! OUR baby?  Hyungjoon gets a strike, because your suppose to be careful when pregnant, and on the show you get 5 chances if any harm comes the baby or themselves. Then Jungmin starts talking about naming their babies.

Hyung Joon is first with the names for his twins: Kim Kan Go Deung – transltion: Kim Green Fish Wait. BECAUSE a teacher called Kan Go Deung is there they name it after the teacher and Jungmin starts saying its Go Deung’s child. LOL! Jungmin is next and the members say : Manga Ji – translation: little horse / colt. But  then decided on Malja because Jungmin doesn’t think that the baby would be like to be called Manga Ji. Hyun Joong wants a pretty name for his child.. and comes up with Arongee. Which I don’t really get but they talk about how its NOT a manga characters name? Confused with that, if you get it PLEASE tell me. Then Jungmin asks for the FATHERS name.. Darongee. I don’t really get it. The youngest Youngsaeng names his child a fairly normal name? Daisu. And Kyu Jong names his child Gomagui, which is when you mix mantis and gorilla together.

After naming all their childern, the PD talks to them about taking it seriously and gives them a card. PENALTY CARD! Another THREE hours with the suits on. Then they have mission, to take the public transpotrt while protecting a raw egg. While waiting for the train the PD asks who gives up their seat for preguant womens, and they all raise their hand like little kids. Hehehe. Then they find a seat enough for three of them Youngsaeng, Hyung Joon and Jungmin. But they have to swtich off ever stop so they all have a chance to sit down and Hyung Joon gets up but takes Jungmin with him to switch off with Kyu Jong and Hyun Joong. For a fair chance to sit down again they play rock-paper-scissors but Hyung Joon and Jungmin both lose and they still have to stand up. I noticed a lot that they rub their big tummys a lot, its so cute but I don’t think that preguant women really do that a lot right?

They get off the train and start walking towards the streets, while walking up a old man is all like what? Youngsaeng tells him its a pregnancy experience, and the old man looks at them weirdly still while walking away.. Before they get to the streets they have a biggggg staircase to walk up, then while getting near the top they start some more trouble. Say things such as “Our child is thirsty.” or “Our child wants that cellphone.“! LOL, all sorts of little stuff like that.

Well thats the first part. Wahhh, thats a lot of writing. Maybe, Just MAYBE. I’ll write about the second part. Who knows. :]]


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  • 1. cupidnouva  |  15 July 2008 at 5:13 pm

    Verry funny vidz of ss501

  • 2. Ewilan  |  3 January 2013 at 7:41 am

    El nombre que Kim Hyun Joon le pone a su bebé es porque a él le encantan los mangas y cuando era pequeño veía una serie llamada Demetan//Darongee. Esta serie iba sobre una ranita macho llamada Demetan (traducción español) Darongee (coreano/japones) y, su amiga que siempre le ayudaba, Arongee. Por lo tanto el bebé de Kim Hyun Joong es niña y cuándo JungMin le pregunta quién es el padre KHJ dice que es Darongee el amigo de Arongee en el manga/anime =)


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