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Wow! How long as it been since I posted something on here? School is killer. Especially being a senior and all. In high school. -sigh- So many things has happened! I have no adapted an unhealthy (not really) obsession with Yamapi of NEWS. Only because I have been watching so many Jdoramas lately. I guess its a good thing. But I did watch


I say the drama itself isn’t as good as Hana Yori Dango (Japanese) but the guys look awfully good in this drama. Expect for Jun Matsumoto. That fool is freggin hot. Lee Minho (Jun Pyo/Domyoji) is nothing compared to him, okay… he is up there but really now! This is my opinion thank you very much. I will post my insight on this later.

Summer is almost here! So I will be posting hopefully everyday. Unless most of you already get your info else where. But I am thankful for those who actually read this. Because then I feel a little better. I think the whole site will get a makeover. A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FEEL WILL BE ON HERE!

Another inside thing, I am thinking of posting my stories. They are just one shots or incomplete stories that I write to get my mind off things. I will probably have pictures with them.. that come the Sims 2 games. Because I like to make up stories in there too. Hehehe.

Just to think what I should post up later tonight: Tohoshinki, Super Junior, NEWS, KAT-TUN, 2PM, Boys Over Flowers, BoA, SE7EN, and others…

And when I learn how to figure out the new stuff on here… if I am able to. I will post endlessly.


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Apparently his birthday is really today! From sources which is his mother’s blog. Instead of January 26th, to me it doesn’t make much of a differece since my birthday is alll the way in June. Darn! Lol, anyways. But reason of birthday change is that it would of brought him bad luck, and oppa doesn’t need any of that.  So best wishes to him!

Source(s): asianfanatics

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Future Star~



Is the television going to explode from the AWESOME THAT IS THOSE NINE PEOPLE?! But anyways sources say that these people are going to perfrom on a television show on Feburary 8th (the 7th for us) in China.. Of course, where else? With JJ Lin, they are not going to perform in Korea. Hoping that I don’t sound like I totally hate him or anything it is just that he only speak Mandarin and English. So yeah… Anyways SJM is going to perform “U” and Zhang Li Yin will be performing “I Will” and there is no news if JJ is going to be performing anything. AND THEY ARE TO HAVE TWENTY-FOUR BODYARDS TOTAL! Super star treament yoo~

Plus others, I know I have been dead on this. Totally dead. But lets add some random things.


Not really, its just that Wonbin left… WHY?! Even though he wasn’t exactly my most favorite F.T. Islander, I still want him in the band. AND THEN they already replaced him! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! ALREADY! About a week or so after! Doesn’t it take a little longer than that? I am not sure, but maybe because its just them? But now Song Seung Hyun, is the replacement for Wonbin. I don’t think he can fill in the empty space that Wonbin left but it is possible. I guess Seunghyn looks like he has always been there, almost like nothing happened… Which is not true. D: But I guess that is just how is it. I wish the best of  luck to him!


Its for a new music show called “The M” which then I had a thought of Minwoo~ Lol, lame right? Sortaaa. I know its not recent pictures of them, but this girl is getting lazy. Its already hard enough to find pictures of them that look good! Jkkkay, they ALWAYS look good. Anyways Sunny of SNSD and Hyung Joon of SS501 are to be the MCs. I just thought they looked cute together, but then again that might just be me. :D

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Gee – SNSD [MV]

Ahhhh, its too late to be writing this! I have tons of homework to do! So tomorrow! :D

Okay, so I lied. I can’t today either. SO MUCH HOMEWORK! IM ONLY ONE PERSON! Distractions!

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[NEW] Gee – SNSD

Ahhh! Its been way to long since they put something out… Even though they only had an album and a couple singles for other things such as commercials, dramas ect.. You knowww. Lol. I have to listen to it a couple times before I actually say its GREAT! But its okay soo far, I already have a feeling that “Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee” will be forever in my head. Lol. It will take a while to get use to, its not their usual. Something a little different but then again its K-pop. Its never usually the same unlike America or something like that. So we just have to wait until the 9th for the live performance! I can’t wait, I want to see the dance for this! Plus I love their outfits! Skinny jeans FTW~! But I’m not entirely so sure on their tops.. I noticed that its all shinny/glittery! I’m not a huge fan on those. So yeah, gotta start on my homework! I just had to post this! For everyone!

YAY! SNSD is backkk~

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Its Christmas and I want…

anything and everything that has to do with DBSK including the guys themselves.

Hahaha, I wish.. But like every other Cassie in the whole WORLD, we can only dream.. Yes.. Dreaming is the next best thing. Plus we can get incredibly sexy oufits for them… Not like that! Dirty minds.. Hehe, I meant oufits that are beyond awesome. Oh like.. anime outfits? :D Yeahh, I am bit of an Anime Freak besides having a super obessission with these boys plus many others.

OH! No more about. Or somewhat. Got to catch up to the asian media! One post at a time. Lets start? YES!

Okay.. maybe not right right now. But hopefully soon. Tomorrow I will have something up! I swear! Or update something! Darn me and being a high school senior… So much stress!

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Music Video’s… PART I


Well, I know I just killed myself with not being up on top of my fandoms..But it will start! Here! With MUSIC VIDEOS!

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